How to Reupholster Computer Chair

reupholstering-computer-chair Computer chairs are made to provide as much comfort as necessary for users; this is reflected in the different adjustable features of these chairs. The chairs are also made extra comfortable with the type of upholsteries used for its various parts, especially the seat and backrest area. The materials used here are expected to make the chair more comfortable when compared with other bare forms of chairs.

During the usage period, it is normal for these upholsteries to wear out over time and need to be refurbished. Reupholstering a computer chair saves you the extra cost of buying another chair and adds more aesthetics to the chair. You can use your favorite upholstery material and color patterns. Before reupholstering your chair, you need to know the type of fabric present there.

Rejuvenating and upholstery

Reupholstering a computer chair might be a chance for you to make use of your creative skills and jump on a DIY. There are several things for you to consider when it comes to changing the material of your chair and how you want it to look. The following steps will help when reupholstering a computer chair.

Get the needed tools and materials

Your first step in reupholstering is getting the needed tools and materials for the work, and this will ensure a smooth process and ease of removing and replacing the upholstery.

Although the process requires some skills, it is still an easy process that can be carried out. You will need some set of tools apart from the upholstery material. The required tools include:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Sewing machine/Needle and tread
  • Staple gun
  • Staple puller
  • Safety gadgets (Eye protection and gloves)

Fabric is the standard material that can be used during reupholstery. Vinyl and leather materials can be used but will demand an extra level of technicality, and the mesh type is not easily installed with the DIY process.

Divide your chair into sections

fabric-office-chair To make the work easier, break your work down into parts. The main parts you will be working on are the seat and backrest; you can divide the chair into these sections and pick it one after the other.

To divide the chair into parts, you will need to remove the screw holding the chair together, especially for the seating area. For the seat, the upholstery is usually held by staples, pins, and ribbon tape running through it. All these need to come off to be able to remove the fabric present on the seat.

Work on the seat

When removing the fabric on any part of the chair, you need to go easy on it as you might need to reuse some of it with the new fabric. The common part of the old fabric you might need is the ribbon cord. Be careful when removing the staples not to damage the ribbon; you can only discard the ribbon if the former one is damaged or cannot be reused. To remove the staples without damaging them, you can use a staple puller; it is far more effective in removing the staples.

This process is easy and safe to remove the old fabric before replacing it. Carefully set aside the ribbon cord after removing the entire fabric from the seat.

Cut, Sew and Attach

You need to cut out your new fabric to replace the removed one. You can place the seat on your new fabric and cut out the shape to get the correct measurement. Ensure to leave enough allowance to help you reattach the fabric to the seat. One thing to avoid when you are replacing a new fabric is creases; if not removed, they will be present after you have attached them to the chair. You can steam iron the new fabric after cutting it to get rid of every crease.

Now is time to sew back your smooth fabric to the seat. You will need to use a corded ribbon to attach the fabric firmly to the seat (this is why you need to preserve the old ribbon). To sew the ribbon with fabric, you need to pin it around the perimeter of the fabric and sew with little allowance. You can securely attach the fabric to the seat and fasten with pins or staples; you can do this with your staple gun while putting on your eye cover for protection.

The backrest

computer-chair The process for the remaining parts of the chair is similar. For the backrest, you need to remove the pins fastening the old fabric to the chair, and you might also need to unscrew any screw holding the backrest to the chair.

Cut out the shape of the backrest from the new fabric. This chair piece also needs the ribbon cord, and you can save the former one for use by carefully removing the staples and screw holding the backrest. Sew the corded ribbon around the perimeter of the new fabric just like that of the seat. Reattach the new fabric to the part of the chair and hold it in place with pins and staples.

The final stage of your work should be putting back the parts of your chair by fixing back all the necessary screws and accessories. Once you completely assemble your chair, you can have your new upholstery in place.


Computer chairs often require reupholstery after a long time to keep them in the best shape and style. You can get this done using simple DIY approaches that involve cutting out the old fabric and replacing it with a new one. Style your worn-out computer upholstery with new fabrics and enjoy the comfort!

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