How to Fix Squeaky Computer Chair

squeaky-chair Well! It is not enough to buy an expensive computer chair for your workstation either at work or at home, you also require that serene work environment and ambiance. One of the greatest requirements for the workplace is the noiseless environment, but what happens when the disturbing noise is coming from your chair?

You do not have to manage that annoying noise coming from your computer chair. Squeaking chairs can dampen your productivity, and bring reduction of quality in the work you carry out. Redeem your worktime by fixing the bug in your chair, we have simple methods for you on how to get rid of the squeaking sound in your computer chair.

Where is the noise coming from?

You cannot fix your chair if you do not know what is wrong or where the problem is. Whenever you get the squeaky sound from your chair, the first step to fixing it is identifying where the noise is coming from. A typical computer chair has several major parts where squeaky sounds can come out from.

The wheels

A typical computer chair comes with a base of 5 swivel wheels to allow you to move around and work comfortably. The wheels have metallic components and they are prone to have sounds coming from there after a while. The wheel is one part to suspect and check out if you notice a squeaking sound.

Gas lift mechanism

Computer chairs have their height adjustment operated by a gas lift mechanism. The mechanism of height adjustment involves metal parts as well as moving parts. The cylinder that contains the gas that controls the height of the chair gets to rust over time as typical of metallic parts which can cause squeaking due to much friction.

Bolts and screws

For computer chairs, bolts and screws are used to hold up parts together. Sometimes the bolts and screws can loosen up and leave loose parts that can bring about sounds when moved about. Tight parts are required to keep the chair altogether and prevent squeaky sounds.


The backrest of a computer chair that serves as a support for your back while working can be another source of squeaky noise in your chair. The reclining feature of the chair brings about a back-and-forth movement, with moving parts in the chair you are sure to have sounds


armrests The armrest is easily jolted with the movement of the arm and weight on it, this can loosen up parts of the chair and can bring about sounds in it. It is one of the easy parts of the chair that can produce squeaky sounds if not maintained properly.

How to fix squeaky computer chairs

The combination of all of these different parts of the chair can produce squeaky sounds. The sounds can even be produced by more than one part of the chair at once, which can result in a large number of disturbing noises. This is more reason why you need to fix squeaky sound produced by a chair once it is noticed.

Inspect parts

The parts mentioned above are some of the likely parts of a chair that can produce noises and they should be inspected to determine which one or ones are involved in the noise production. To inspect parts, you need to turn over your chair and check all the joints of the chair for proper checks. If you did the assembling of your chair yourself, it becomes easier to inspect the parts as you know the critical areas to look into.

The process of inspection as much as it is important can be quite tricky especially if you are not so familiar with the chair parts. The bolts and screws are parts you need to fumble with as they can easily get loosen from the pressure of sitting on the chair. You can feel the screws with your fingers to check if they are loose as they can be the source of the noise.

The chair can also be rocked about or moved in a different direction to locate the source of the noise, another thing that helps is having a friend sit on the chair while looking at the parts as this helps you in quickly identifying the source of the squeaky sound.

Fix bolts and screws

The bolts and screws react to pressure, long hours of sitting on the chair and moving it about can loosen these joint holders. If this is the case with your chair, then you need to tighten it up.

Screws and bolts are quite easy to fix and you do not need to have any special technical skills to fix them.
The needed materials to fix the bolts and screws are the screwdriver, wrench, drill etc.

It is easier to get this done if you already have a toolbox with some of this equipment, if not these tools can be gotten from hardware stores around you. To fix the screws or bolts you need to put the chair in a comfortable position for you to work, it often involves flipping the chair over or propping them over surfaces to give you a good working advantage.

Asides from checking the screw to see if it is loose or not, you should also consider if it has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Bad screws can be a cause of squeaky sound in a computer chair and may need to be replaced. Screws come in different sizes and getting the right size for your chair is important to secure the chair and prevent squeaking sounds. The same case goes for nuts and bolts, if it gets damaged you might need to replace it with a new one.


chair-lubricant Sometimes the cause of your squeaky sound can be a result of bolt, nuts or other metallic parts that are dry and needs to be lubricated. Metallic parts and moving parts especially need to be lubricated frequently.

If your workspace is close to moisture or you work in a humid area, the metallic parts can easily get rusted and require lubrication to get them into shape. If parts of the chair get rusted, this can be a reason for the chair to squeak as the parts no longer move well. You need to get a good lubricant for the exercise, there are different commercial lubricants for sale and you can get one that will be effective for your chair needs. You can make use of an oil spray lubricant or apply the lubricant by using a soft cloth to apply the oil on the parts.

Oiling against friction

Asides from oiling parts to prevent rust, you also need it for friction. Moving parts of any equipment result in continuous wear and tear that eventually leads to the damaged part. These parts involved in work of motion need to be lubricated as often as possible, they should be lubricated often even after the squeaking sound might have stopped.

The wheel of the computer chair is also an important part of the chair that needs to be oiled to prevent squeakiness. Inspect areas that need to be lubricated from the bolts and screws to the moving mechanism and wheels, after lubrication ensure that the sound is no longer there.

General cleaning and replacing parts

The methods listed above are highly effective methods that can get rid of the noise from your chair and give you a comfortable working experience. Apart from all of the lubrication and retighten of screws you have to do, you might also want to consider the general cleaning of the body parts of the chair to get rid of dust and other forms of dirt that might contribute to the unpleasant sound of your chair is giving off.

You might have to loosen out parts of the chair for effective cleaning and getting rid of internal dirt.
Loosen parts like the screw helps you check on the condition of these parts and assess if they need to be replaced. Replacing worn-out parts allows the chair to be in a better state and you can have a chair free from squeaky sounds.

If you removed the nuts, bolts and screws for cleaning you might want to lubricate them and allow them dry before fixing them back into the chair. Doing this will prevent the metal part from rusting again.


Everybody wants to enjoy the value of their purchases and gadgets. The squeaky sound that comes off from a computer chair especially at the workplace brings about a lot of unprofessionalism and reduces the value of the chair. Even such sounds from a chair can also be the indicator of a problem in a chair or a forecast to coming issues with the chair.

Do not let your can breakdown finally before springing to action, you can get rid of the squeaky sound from your chair with easy steps like lubrication, tighten loose parts etc.

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