How to Fix a Computer Chair That Keeps Sinking

sinking-chair If there is one thing that can be annoying and frustrating, it is having your equipment and gadgets malfunctioning, especially at the wrong time – not that there is ever a right time. For an office worker, a 9-5 guy or someone simply working from home, the last thing you want is to have your computer chair keep sinking, it puts you into a mood and it’s definitely not one fit for work.

A lot of individuals and organizations spend a lot of money and resources in getting a comfortable working chair, and no one wants that amount of money going to waste after a short period. Rather than getting a new chair, you can get that sinking computer chair fixed and get it back into shape. In this post, we will consider the best way of fixing your computer chair for optimum work performance.

What causes a computer chair to sink?

There is a reason why your computer chair keeps sinking, and finding out this reason is the number one step to getting this problem solved. The sinking of the chair does not necessarily signify that the chair has gone completely bad, it is usually an issue of the cylinder (lifting functionality) not working properly.

How to fix a sinking chair?

Once you get an understanding of what causes your chair to sink, it is easier to get into how to fix it and stop it from sinking. The good part about this is that you can get the chair fixed yourself without the need to spend extra money getting a professional. We will consider some of the best and quick fixes to a sinking computer chair.

Lubricating the components

lubricating-details Your computer chair might simply not be performing effectively because of much friction between the components. It is a common thing for mechanical components to get stiff after some time as a result of poor lubrication. Once a part is not well lubricated, it can stiffen up and offer resistance when moved. If this is the case with your chair, then you have an easy fix for your chair already.

Make use of an effective and recommended mechanical lubricant to oil the joints of your chair, especially the lever and cylinder area. This should be enough to have the parts smoothen up and be ready to get back into the working position.

To get the lubrication done, you need to remove the base of your computer chair to reach the computer chair’s shaft. The shaft needs to be separated from the base, and the lubricant should be added to the shaft, allow the lubricant to stay on the shaft for about an hour before attaching it back to the base. This method is cost-effective and allows you to continue adjusting the chair’s height. You need to keep your chair lubricated every six months at least.

Use a Hose Clamp/Jubilee Clip and Duct Tape

The hose clamp also known as jubilee clip is another means of getting your chair up. The jubilee clip is used to fix hose pipes tightly on taps, it can do a great deal of work in stopping your chair from sinking. There are easy steps to allow you to attach the jubilee clip to your chair moving part.

Get to the metallic cylinder

The cylinder of the computer chair is usually metallic and protected with a plastic covering. The metallic cylinder needs to be accessible as this is where the jubilee clip will be attached to. To get to the metallic cylinder, you need to remove the protective plastic covering, this involves you removing the wheel of the chair first by unscrewing the holding screw. Slide off the plastic cover, then reattach the wheel.

You need to adjust your chair to a preferable height that will be convenient for working on your work desk. If the chair sinks even when no one is sitting on it, you can lay it sideways on the floor to be able to adjust the height.

Attach the jubilee clip

Wrap the jubilee clip around the body of the metallic cylinder. This is where the duct tape comes in, you also need to wrap the duct tape around the uppermost part of the cylinder to give the jubilee clip a firmer grip and prevent the chair from sinking.

Ensure the chair is still held at the preferred height then push the clip back upwards, the area where the duct tape is. The duct tape improves the grip of the clip and ensures that it keeps the chair in position. Tighten the jubilee clip by firmly rotating the screw on it.

Check your chair

After attaching the jubilee clip and duct tape the chair should be now stable without sinking. If the clip slides down, it is either the screw is not well tightened, or it needs a better grip.

You can make use of a rubber strip to improve the grip of the clip.

As effective as this method can be, it comes with its downside. You will not be able to adjust the height of the chair, this is why you need to set it to your preferred height. If you need to adjust the height, you have to unloosen the screw of the clip and readjust the height before screwing back.

Use a PVC pipe

The PVC pipe is another good way of keeping your sinking char afloat. The pipe has to be slightly larger than the metallic cylinder to be able to slide it over it.

Get the right measure of the cylinder

This method also involves you sliding off the plastic covering off the metallic cylinder. You need to get the right measurement or an estimate of the cylinder. You can easily do this by making use of a ruler to horizontally measure the cylinder, also you need to adjust the sinking chair to a preferred height and measure the length of the cylinder.

Use the PVC pipe

The pipe to be used for this task has to be able to fit over the cylinder of the chair and be able to cover the entire length of the cylinder. You need to cut the PVC pipe lengthwise, to do this you need to make use of a vise. The vise helps you to get a neat cut on the pipe and ready it for fitting over the cylinder.

Fit the pipe over the cylinder

The pipe needs to be snapped onto the cylinder; this can be a bit difficult especially if the preferred height is a bit long. To make the process easier, you can cut the pipe into small pieces that can be snapped on the cylinder.

The chair should be fit for use now. In this method as well, the height cannot be adjusted, this is why it is important to set the height at a preferred position before completely snaping the PVC over the cylinder.

If the height is too tall or shorter than needed, you can either cut some length of the pipe or snap-on another small piece of PVC.

Safety requirement

PVC pipes are known to contain harmful compounds, especially when the particles are exposed. This method involves you cutting a PVC pipe. To ensure your safety while carrying out this task, you should have a protective mask on to prevent you from inhaling harmful particles from the pipe.

Replacing the cylinder

Most of the options or methods given on how to fix a sinking chair are temporary and you have to keep refixing frequently. This might give your office or work environment an unprofessional look.

The alternative to all of these quick fixes is to replace the cylinder of the sinking chair. Since it has been confirmed that the problem with the chair is the cylinder, this can be easily replaced with a new one. The cylinder of a computer chair is in common use and new ones are available for sale.

You can carry out the replacement of the cylinder yourself by having the right set of tools. Most replacement cylinders come along with a replacement kit to facilitate the easy installation of the cylinder. Although the process of installation of the cylinder can be done by following the manufacturer’s instructions, it is recommended to go for professional help when it comes to cylinder installation.


It is not news that computer chairs are relatively expensive, expensive enough not to be a commodity that should be replaced every 3 months or every year. The probability that your chair will sink at one point during use cannot be overlooked, to avoid spending extra costs in purchasing a new one you can simply fix it.

This post covers different methods of fixing a sinking computer chair, from the point of lubrication to replacing the cylinder of the chair completely. These methods are easy to carry out and will save you a lot of costs. The next time you have a sinking computer chair, you already know what to do.

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