How to Clean Computer Chair

clean-chair Computer chairs have now become a reality for almost everyone and no longer considered a luxury. Almost everyone has to work with a computer nowadays either at home or in the workplace. Computer chairs are considered as comfortable sets and cost-effective coupled with the fact that they can be manoeuvred easily around the house. There is no doubt that a computer chair is something worth investing in if you need to go be seated for long hours to work.

As important as these chairs are they need to be maintained. Sitting and working on the chair alone can bring about dirt, spot, stains on it. To have your chair in the best state it is advisable to maintain it and one of the preventive cares you can give to your chair is cleaning it. There are different ways and parts of a computer chair to be cleaned and we will examine ways of cleaning a computer chair in this post.

Computer chair material

There are different types of materials for computer chairs and the cleaning method for the chairs depends on the type of computer chair you have. Understanding what the material for your computer chair is made of will enhance the cleaning process and make it more effective.

Fabric Upholstery

These types of chairs have their major parts made of clothing material; it gives a comfortable feeling when seated upon. However, due to the type of material, it is made up of, it can easily get stained and dirty.

Fabric upholstery usually requires vacuum cleaning because of the crevices and cracks the material creates.

Genuine Leather Upholstery

leather-chair For genuine leather upholstery – which are of common use as computer chair – require delicate care when cleaning to preserve the integrity of the material. This type of material allows the use of a water-based cleaning agent for effective cleaning, there are also leather specific cleaners that can be used.

Faux leather and vinyl

Both the faux leather and vinyl are made of simple and easy to clean material. The material offers a near smooth surface that assists in the cleaning process, it has fewer crevices and cracks and simply requires the use of a water-based cleanser to get rid of stains and dirt.

Mesh chair

The mesh chair is somewhat a revolution in the world of the computer chair. They are made of a completely different type of material and comes with more comfort and sleekness. This type of material accumulates crumbles easily and might take a long time to dislodge them. You need to make use of a vacuum to get rid of the crumbles and this should be repeated often.

Taking care of spills and stains

Spills and stains are one of the commonest enemies of the computer chair, a little sip of coffee here and a bit of cookie there, can get your whole chair in an unholy mess or ruin the chair entirely if not cleaned off regularly. Taking care of spills and stains should be the first thing or step you take when you are about to carry out a general cleaning for your computer chair.

Remove large and loose dirt

There is usually obvious dirt on the computer chair, they are the types that can be easily spotted. Once you spot this kind of dirt, you should attempt to dislodge them before moving to the other cleaning techniques. You can make use of soft cloths or paper towels to remove as much of this solid dirt as you can.

In the case of the fabric upholstery, you should avoid rubbing in the process of removing the dirt as it pushes the dirt deeper into the fabrics making it more difficult to clean. For mesh chairs, this also applies as excessive rubbing can damage the material.

Get rid of liquid

A liquid spill is often worse on the computer chair as it spreads faster on the chair, sets and causes a stain. Spills need to be attended to as fast as possible for the cleaning to be effective and prevent permanent damage or mark.

To get rid of these stains, you need to blot out the liquids using a wet cloth, the cloth should be able to absorb a lot of moisture.
If you have a large spill on your hand, you might need to wring out the liquid into a container and continue blotting till you get rid of the spill.

Solvent-based solutions or Water-based solvent

These are generally the two categories of cleaners available for use when it comes to cleaning your computer chair. Some of the chairs use either one of these two categories, while some types of chair materials allow the use of the two cleaners. To be sure of which one is best for your chair, you should check the manufacturer’s guide.

Freshen up upholstery

After you might have completed the entire process of removing the large and loose debris and also blotting out liquid spills from the chairs, it is time to move to another phase of the cleaning.


vacuuming The debris is not likely to be completely removed with the soft towel used, and you still have dirt and dust to get rid of. Use the vacuum to get rid of this smaller dirt, pass the vacuum over areas of the chair like the seating area, the back and arm of the chair. You can make use of other attachment of the upholstery to get rid of the dirt and dust more effectively.

Cleaning with solution

For upholstery that allow water-based cleaning, you need to make a solution of liquid soap and water to clean the surface of your chair. Care needs to be taken when using water solution to clean a computer chair to avoid damage to it. One effective way of testing your soap solution if you are not sure about its compatibility with the chair is by rubbing it on a small inconspicuous part of the chair. If it shows no sign of discolouration or damage, you can use it on the major surface.

Use a clean cloth to apply the solution to your upholstery. The cloth should not be soaked into the solution rather it should be dampened as you do not want too much moisture or cleaning solution on your chair.

When applying the solution to your upholstery using the clean cloth, gently wipe the upholstery and do not rub or scrub, having hard rubs or scrub against the upholstery can affect it negatively especially the mesh that can fray easily and the leather that can be scratched. After cleaning, ensure to use a dry piece of clean cloth to wipe the upholstery to get rid of water or cleaning solution. Keep the chair in a well-ventilated area and allow it to air dry completely.

Cleaning wheels

The seat, back and arms of the chair are not the only parts of the chair that need to be cleaned, the wheels of the chair which are often neglected also deserves cleaning. To effectively clean the wheels of the chair, you should place the chair in a vantage position that gives you more access to the wheels. You can clean the wheels more effectively by flipping the chair.

Like the seat of the chair, you need to get rid of large debris first. The debris on the wheel can be scraped off using a butter knife, this type of knife allows more debris to be removed more easily from the wheel. A tweezer can be used in getting rid of hair or woolly substances caught up in the wheels of the chair. For more effectiveness, you may need to remove the wheels by unscrewing the holder of the wheels from the chair.

Unscrewing the wheels also allow you to clean the wheel cover, you should also consider lubricating the wheels before reattaching.

Taking care of odours

As a result of accumulated dirt or stains on the chair, it might have developed some foul odour. You should get rid of the odour as well when cleaning the chair. There are few effective methods to try if your chair smells.

Dry it outdoors

Putting the chair outdoors in the open air helps get rid of the odour. It is best to put it where the sun is not exactly too high to preserve the integrity of the material.

Using baking soda or vinegar

With the aid of any of these components, you can easily get rid of the unpleasant smell from your chair. For baking soda, sprinkle a little quantity on the chair and allow it to sit for a while before vacuuming off. The vinegar should be diluted with water before spraying onto the chair surface, wipe off after about 30 minutes and allow it air dry.


The best form of maintenance to give to your computer chair is cleaning it. The stains should not be left for a long time before cleaning is carried out, this preserves it from damage and makes it last longer. You should always consider the material of your computer chair before carrying out cleaning methods to avoid damage.

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