How to Change Computer Chair Wheels

chair-wheels Computer chairs are in everyday use in the office, and at home, it is mainly for people who need to work with the computer for an extended period. Sitting in a single spot for a long time can impact the back and neck posture; these are parts of the body that needs to be adequately supported to prevent injuries while working. Computer chairs can provide this comfort through their adjustable features and mobility.

The typical component of a computer chair is the wheel; the wheel allows the convenience of moving the chair around while seated. Sometimes, these wheels get clogged and do not move properly or tend to skid off the floors. When you notice your chair wobbling or not moving smoothly, you might need to check the wheels if it needs a replacement.

How to change computer chair wheels

The fun of using a computer chair is the easy gliding that comes with the wheels; you can quickly move from one desk station to another while still on your seat. Whenever your chair cannot do this, it might be time to go for a wheel replacement. This section will cover in detail how to change computer chair wheels.

Remove the wheels

This is the first thing you want to do when it comes to changing the wheels of a computer chair. The following steps will guide you in removing the wheels.

  • Step 1: The wheels are at the chair’s base, and to get easy access to it, you need to flip the chair upside down or lay it down on the side. If the chair is too heavy for you to flip, you get the assistance of someone else.
  • Step 2: Remove the wheel from the base by pulling off by giving it a firm pull; most chair types use the grip ring stem method that requires you to pull the wheel off easily.
  • Step 3: If your wheel type is the threaded one, you might need to unscrew it. The method of unscrewing this type of wheel involves twisting the wheel in a clockwise manner, and this should be enough to remove the threaded stem caster.
  • Step 4: This step is required if the wheel is a grip stem type but does not come off after pulling, especially in cases where the wheel is already stiff. You can pry the wheels off using a flat head screwdriver or apply lubricants till the wheels come off.

In some cases, for both threaded and grip stems, you might need to use a glove or a towel for better grip on the wheel.

Determine the type and size of the wheel

changing-chair-wheels It is necessary to know the type of wheel your chair uses since most chairs use different wheels. It is recommended to remove just one wheel off your chair first to help you determine which type you need to buy as a replacement.

Aside from the type of wheels, the size and type of the stem also matter to ensure the new one fits back into the socket of the chair. The standard grip ring stems most chairs come in also have variations; typical types include;

  • Grip neck stem
  • Grip ring caster
  • Threaded stem caster

These have their specifications, and the replacement will only fit when you get the same type and size as the one being removed.

Measuring the size of a wheel

When measuring the computer chair wheel, there are two things to pay attention to: the wheel itself and the stem. Using a ruler, you can measure a chair’s wheel; it is measured from front to the back.

You can measure the stem of the wheels using tape measures or calipers to ensure you have an accurate size. The stem is the metal part of the wheel that connects to the other part of the chair. The diameter and length of the stem need to be measured to pick the right replacement wheel for the chair.

Replace with the new wheels

computer-chairs After purchasing the new wheel, it is time for a replacement. Just like when removing the wheels, the chair should be upside down or on the side. Most grip stem types allow you to easily install a new wheel by just pushing down into the socket of the chair where the former one has been.

In the case of a threaded stem wheel, the installation process is different from the grip stem. It involves twisting the wheels into the chair till it is firmly fixed. You need to ensure that the wheel is aligned correctly before fixing and you can get rid of dirt around the wheel to allow easy installation.

To ease the process of installation, you can make use of lubricants. Apply lubricants to the stem of the wheel for smooth installation. Now you should have a smooth wheel and be ready to enjoy your chair like it is brand new.


Wheels are an essential component of a computer chair since it forms the base. Whenever you notice a fault in the wheels, you must replace it to avoid accidents or falls. Replacing wheels involves you identifying the type and size of the wheel and buying the exact type for replacement.

If you follow the steps given above, you can easily install new wheels for your computer chair.

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