Choosing Between Office Chair and Gaming Chair

gaming-or-office-chair Here is another age-long question. Office chair or Gaming chair: which one is better? Whenever this question comes up, the first thing you need to know is that there is a difference between both, and the major difference is in their features and functions.

If you plan to get a chair and wonder which one to go for, you need to read this post. We will highlight in detail the difference between computer chairs, their features, and their functions. We are convinced you will make a more informed decision after reading this post. Let’s get to it.

Office Chair

As the name implies, this chair form is usually suitable for working long hours on computers at the office. For most people who work in a corporate setting, either physically or remotely, the first thing you want to ensure is your comfort at work. Sitting in a single position for long hours can negatively affect your back, spine, and neck.

The primary attribute of the office chair is to ensure comfort; other features come secondary to that, like the looks and style. If you are working on a computer for long hours, you might want to invest in getting one of these office chairs.

Gaming Chair

gaming-chair The concept of gaming has long evolved. Now, the game comes in different types and forms, including video games and computer games. No matter the type of game, the common thing about them is the need to sit for an extended period, and for you to enjoy the game maximally, you need to be comfortable.

While gaming chairs are also comfortable, they focus more on the looks to make them more stylish and come with extra features and adjustability. If you are a game lover, your best bet is to go for any gaming chair you are most comfortable with.

Features of Office and Gaming Chair

Despite the differences that exist between the office chair and gaming chair, they are often used interchangeably. An office chair can be used for gaming and vice versa. Overall, the choice of any of these chairs is more of individual preferences. To make the best choice between both, you need to consider their respective features. We will consider and compare the features of both office and gaming chairs.


Personally, this should be the first feature anyone looking to get a chair should look out for. Many advantages come with maintaining a proper posture, especially when sitting for an extended period. The office chair is typically known for its tall back style and ergonomics feature, giving proper support for the back and keeping the user comfortable. However, even with the focus of the office chair on comfort, it often loses this feature too quickly as it has a low adjustable style, and after a while, it might become uncomfortable to sit on.

On the other hand, a gaming chair is specially made for a long duration, and the chair is made with extra paddings, both on the seat and the backrest. It keeps the user in a relaxed position all through the period of usage. This is not exactly a rule of thumb, as high-priced office chairs focus on comfort. At the same time, some gaming chairs might also be uncomfortable; the category of both chairs determines the comfort level you will enjoy.

Adjustable features

For adjustable features, the gaming chair has a lot of ergonomics. Ergonomics refers to how much you can adjust your chair to suit your height and angle. The gaming chair allows you to take control of the entire chair and personalize it for your need. Most office chairs have limited features for adjusting the chair frame; it mainly allows only the adjustment of the seat height and rocking feature to a certain extent.

The gaming chair takes over adjustment by introducing two main features that increase its desire. The chair allows the user to recline the chair and adjust the armrest fully; features usually absent in the office chair.

Design and style

office-chair Aesthetics is also a valid criterion when going for a choice of chair. Most office chairs are suited to fit the work environment with blending colors and fewer features. This is not the case for gaming chairs, as one of their identifying styles is bright colors and extra accessories. The materials for making the different chairs also set them apart, the common materials used for the office chair include fabric and mesh. In contrast, the gaming chair opts for more comfy and stuffy materials.

Which is best for you?

Selecting a chair becomes a bit easier with the highlight that is thrown on each of these features. When it comes to adjustment, the gaming chair provides a full recline allowing the user to get comfortable while being engaged with a game or other required activity. It also allows the user to change the setting, including the armrest, providing enough accessories for total comfort and adjustability. The office chair stands tall and fit for placing in a corporate or formal setting providing the user with enough backrest.

Another essential aspect that influences decision is the cost of the chairs. Most moderate to expensive chairs offer extra chairs either as an office or gaming chair, which means some features that are absent on low-cost office chairs are present in the higher-priced ones and vice versa for gaming chairs.


Finally, picking a chair depends on three main factors; personal taste, features, and cost. All of these features have been examined in this post, and deciding what you need the chair for and what price range you want helps make a final decision.

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