Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

By Emory Brown on January 3, 2022

computer-chair To have a comfortable time while using your computer the first thing you need do is get a good computer chair and it should be comfortable to sit in for long hours. The whole goal of a good computer chair for long hours is to support your back when at work and protect you from aches or sore. In this post, I have brought forward the list of some of the best computer chairs suitable for long hours.


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Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours in January, 2022

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Best Choice
Gabrylly review
  • Material: Mesh
  • Capacity: 280 lbs

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SIHOO review
  • Material: Mesh
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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Hbada review
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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Serta AIR review
Serta AIR
  • Material: Leather
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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Serta Hannah review
Serta Hannah
  • Material: Textile
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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OFM ESS review
  • Material: Leather
  • Capacity: 275 lbs

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Ergohuman review
  • Material: Mesh
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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Duramont review
  • Material: Leather
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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Mfavout review
  • Material: Mesh
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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Flash Furniture review
Flash Furniture
  • Material: Mesh
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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Herman Miller review
Herman Miller
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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  • Material: Leather
  • Capacity: 500 lbs

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Steelcase review
  • Material: Textile
  • Capacity: 400 lbs

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RESPAWN review
  • Material: Leather
  • Capacity: 275 lbs

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HOUHAUS review
  • Material: Mesh
  • Capacity: 275 lbs

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RESPAWN RSP-900 review
  • Material: Leather
  • Capacity: 275 lbs

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Noblechairs ICON review
Noblechairs ICON
  • Material: Leather
  • Capacity: 330 lbs

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La-Z-Boy review
  • Material: Leather
  • Capacity: 250 lbs

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  • Material: Leather
  • Capacity: 300 lbs

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1. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair – Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours

The Gabrylly chair is a proper example of how a computer chair can completely look elegant when coated with mesh material alone. The ergonomic mesh office chair is easily adjustable and possesses comfortable control features that allow you to have access to comfort while using the chair.

Adjustable armrest

Enjoy the comfort of the armrest during weary days or positions that require that, the armrest of the chair is one comfortable piece of the chair. The functionality of the armrest is further extended by the control feature of the armrest as you can easily fold up the armrest or have the armrest completely move under the desk to give you more working area. The control of the armrest can simply be done with the use of the black buttons on the armrest.

Ergonomic chair

This office chair has two powerful things in operation that make it one of the most sought among the entire office chairs. The chair puts into consideration everyone or any likely user of the chair and it as much as possible provided them with the flexibility and comfort they deserve. The chair was made for a span of people with different heights, from a height of 5”5 to about 6”2, the easy height adjustment makes the feature possible and adds an extra amount of comfort.

There are 4 supporting points when it comes to the Gabrylly mesh office chair; back, head, hips and hands. Alongside the supporting points, it has a very good lumbar support that protects you from ache. You can easily switch or flip the control button to reflect the ease that comes with this type of chair.

Easy Installation

Computer chairs after purchase often come delivered in dissembled parts that require you to put it all together and raise a momentum of comfort and luxury. The chair comes packaged with a very clear set of instructions that can be banked upon to couple all parts together and have the office chair swiveling in your space in real minutes.

The chair has a sturdy base composed of a fantastic wheel that is stable on different types of floor surface. The frame of the chair is also done to include durability into the already long list of features the chair possesses.

  • The mesh back and seat keep air circulating around
  • It comes with adjustable body parts and height levels
  • The chair is inconvenient for people of low height

2. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest – Best Chair for Working Long Hours on Computer

This is one type of chair that is a piece of ergonomic professional furniture, it is certified by the professional body and known to provide enough comfort and support to the back. The chair is made of mesh material making it easily breathable and supplying full ventilation for your back.

High-Quality Backrest

One of the highest requirements demanded by a user of a computer in the comfort of the backrest. The back is likely to ache when exposed to prolong sitting position which is common when working with the computer for long, getting a comfortable computer chair is essential in this type of situation.

The Sihoo Ergonomic office chair offers a comfortable backrest with the form material of mesh which is interwoven with fabrics, the combination of the two materials creates strong back support with high tensile strength. The mesh material prevents overheating from occurring by providing good air circulation and helps you relax better in a comfortable sitting position.

The Sihoo chair, which is approved by the Ergonomics Association as a good design that can be modeled to protect your back and reduce the pressure from the spine due to prolonged sitting.

Easy Installation

Sihoo office chair comes with an installation manual that makes the assembling of the chair easier even for a non-technical person. With the aid of the installation guide, you can complete the putting together in a very short period. The chair has been certified by regulatory bodies and has been recommended for use, the ergonomic chair can carry a maximal weight of about 150kg which is often larger than what similar chairs can carry.

The chair comes covered with a warranty assuring the quality of the product and you can get a replacement of a part of the entire product if it proves faulty. Even for products that are fit for use at first contact still have an extended warranty service on them to guarantee the best quality of product and service.

Multiple Adjustment Functions

The adjustment functions on the Sihoo computer chair are into many parts each targeted to give you a comfortable ride while at work. The common functions that are adjustable on the ergonomics include the headrest, backrest, armrest, seat height and angle. It also comes with a footrest that can be extended or retracted to keep you comfortable either while working or in your relaxed position during the break.

With the multiple adjustable features of the chair, there is no one size fits all, you can easily customize the chair to suit your taste or comfortability. The customized experience gotten from the chair can keep you comfortable always and also promote better body posture.

  • A lot of adjustments can be made to the chair functions
  • It has a prolonged and extended warranty to guarantee quality
  • The footrest is comfortable and convenient for resting
  • It does not have heavy seat padding

3. Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair with Lumbar Support and Flip-up Arms – Best Computer Chair for Long Hours Under $200

The Hbada office chair is one of the best choice chairs to go for if you will be looking at functionality and fashion. It is made of mesh material that offers comfort for the user; it gives awesome lumbar support. The arms are not left out, as it comes with a comfortable armrest that can be flipped up to 90 degrees.

Sleek design

The Hbada design is a fully utilized office chair that is simple and elegant. The chair is suitable for different types of tables and work station. If you have different table types that you work on, you do not have to get different chairs for them since they are in the same space. The Hbada office chair can fit quite a range of table, it can be optimized for a normal workstation as well as carry out the function of a mid-back desk chair.

The designs on the chairs are finely touched and finished to match different decorative styles that may be employed in the work environment. The mesh material has a closely knitted design and gives off a good visual appeal.

Easy adjustment

No matter the height of your table or low the desk is, the Hbada is there to answer effectively to the change in height. It comes off with an effective height adjustment system. You can get to carry out your work at the computer table effectively with enough room for your legs since the height can be adjusted according to your preference and work needs.

The adjustment does not only come off for height, the sitting position is also one that can be adjusted with ease. You can get the perfect sitting position while working with the set of adjustments that comes with the Hbada office chair.

The elegant office chair comes with an armrest that can be flipped up to different angles and positions for different situations. When not in use it can be pushed under the desk to create a harmless type of chair. The tilt lever of the chair allows you to do a push-in control to keep the chair in an upright position as well as a pull-put control to set it in rocking motion.


You have less worry about having to replace your chair frequently due to damage or low functionality. The Hbada ergonomic office chair is designed to be worth the value of the money it comes with and expected to last for a long duration.

One of the desirable features of a computer chair is its stability. The base of the Hbada office chair is a heavy-duty base, it comes with a smooth and silenced rolling caster. It has a large maximum weight occupancy of 250lbs. the wheel is made of mute nylon which is shock-absorbing and offers more resistance to wear and slipping.

  • It has a solid base with a strong bearing capacity
  • Comfortable support for the back
  • Easy adjustment for height and sitting position
  • The mesh material is subjected to fraying if not well managed
  • Cleaning this material can be quite difficult

4. Serta AIR Office Chair High Back  – Health and Comfort

When it comes to the Serta executive office chair, the thought in the design process goes far away from just comfortable hours alone in front of your desk, there is effort and forward-thinking for the health and wellness of the user. It offers a good high back ergonomic support for the lumbar.

Air Lumbar Technology

The lumbar technology is an innovative piece of technology and a revolutionary one among computer chairs. The technology is a fusion of tech and medics, it provides maximum support for your lumbar while at work. The way the air lumbar technology operates is to improve your sitting posture at every move of uprightness and reclination. It cushions the pivot when you move to support your back, the lumbar zone twists and move in response to your body movement.

The benefit of the lumbar technology is in the way it eliminates the strain of sitting for long hours at the computer stand while giving your spine better and comfortable positioning.

Comfortable upholstery

The upholstery of the Serta health and wellness chair brings about a breath-taking moment. It does not take into account that the chair is a wellness chair for better spine support, it still provides proper office space furniture. The fabulous office chair is comfortable for sitting and working, it has padded armrests and has other body parts layered with pillows.

With a comfortable office chair, you can still get into a professional mode at work and work efficiently with optimal chair support. The elevated headrest of the chair as well is padded to give proper support to the neck.

Double materials

Most chair materials are made up of a single material, either fabric, leather etc. In the case of the Serta chair, comfort is redefined and you have double materials merged as one to give a unique computer chair. The leather is bonded together with an alternate layering of mesh material to offer a breathable chair with enhanced airflow.

With the adoption of style and comfort, the executive chair has a perforated back with a well-layered body pillow and a good headrest to hold you in the best position during the operation. In addition to the material design, the office chair has convenient control levers that increase the ability to adjust the chair to comfortable positions.

  • The use of lumbar technology gives total support to the back and neck
  • It is made up of materials that are comfortable to sit on
  • The weight of the chair might be quite bulky
  • It is rather expensive and might not be affordable for all

5. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair – Versatile Computer Chair

When it comes to the Serta manufacturers, they repeatedly turn out high-quality office chairs that are outstanding in any space where they are placed. This new design of office chairs from Serta has a new dynamic of design different from other designs from the same manufacturer.

Versatile use

We can easily agree that the Serta Hannah chair is made to answer the call of versatility with its easy-to-use functions and full options. The chair can be adjusted to move in line to different height setting, it has easy to access height settings. The swivel design is smooth in operation and it comes with a complimentary design with the rolling casters.

The swivel body parts also have comfortable and well-designed pillowed body layers and headrest to accommodate different types of working conditions that include long hours of sitting. The chair can keep you relaxed when you are working and still make you comfortable when you are taking a break from work.

Microfiber upholstery

One of the top-notch effects of this versatile computer chair is in the material it is built of; the Serta Hannah office chair comes with a fine blend of microfiber that utilizes every available design opportunity to achieve this remarkable result. The microfiber is soft to the touch and feel, it also gives off a comfortable homely design to your workstation at home and highly recommended for those working from home.

The type of material in which the chair is made adds more comfort to it and makes it easily usable for individuals working long hours at the computer station or desk.

Inviting workspace

Have you ever gotten near a piece of furniture and feel drawn to sit or lie on it? That is the same thing the Serta Hannah office chair does, it creates an inviting environment around your workspace. It gives an inviting taste to people who come around your workspace and it also gives you as well more spiritedness while at work.

Kick up your workstation with an inviting velvet soft fabric that comes with a neutral color that makes it more inviting and attractive and pleasant to use in a professional setting.

  • It has a multipurpose function that allows working and relaxing conditions
  • The chair allows for maximum comfort and spins around with the 36o-degree casters
  • The microfiber material has a lot of crevices that accumulate dirt

6. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair – Best Cheap and Affordable Computer Chair for Long Hours

There are various reasons for spending long hours in front of the computer. For some, it is to fully work while for others it is Call Of Duty to the gaming world. Both reasons require a comfortable office chair that will give support to their backs while thrashing it out on the gamepad or clanking on the keyboard.

Heavy-duty chair

The chair is built for more, with its 275lb weight capacity it can withstand a lot of pressure from long hours of use without sustaining much damage. Most gaming activities require a lot of adrenaline rush and a need to have a quick jump, jostling etc all at once. The chair is built to understand all of these and in return provide bulkier support to the weight and movement of the user.

The OFM gaming chair possesses the ability for long-term usage, making it a durable office and gaming chair.

Adjustable and ergonomic swivel chair

What a game lover loves best apart from a clear graphic and crystal-clear sound is the ability to have supported and coordinated movement while in the business of gaming. The ESS gaming chair collection is built with separated parts yet infused back as one single piece. It features a contoured and segmented padding pattern, this extends to the padding in the headrest and the arms of the chair. All the forms of padding contribute significantly to the quality of comfort and support enjoyed while using the chair for long hours.

It has a central control part that brings about great relief while trying to place the chair in the best possible position that will give comfort during usage. It has a very effective recline function that increases the rapid repositioning of the chair during the period of use.

Quality leather material

This brand of the chair also considers the integration of two different types of materials to create a single chair. The ESS gaming chair also shares the fantasy of mixing both leather and mesh material to produce a comfortable piece of furniture. The materials are created in a contrasting-colored manner, the upholstery coated in SofThread leather and with the creation of a grey sleek mesh putting off a very aggressive and at the same time a cool and natural feel.

  • It is durable enough to withstand the pressure experienced by gaming
  • The upholstery comes with well-integrated materials
  • Care needs to be taken when cleaning the two materials to prevent damage

7. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair – Best Computer Chair for Long Hours with Headrest

Ergohuman computer chair is a whole new level of conversation, it brings about an amazing feature that is unique among chairs that are constantly sold as computer chairs. It gives you maximum comfort whenever you sink into it for work-related actions.

Different material build

You can think of all innovations that can be added to a sophisticated chair and at the same time keep the elegant design of the chair simple and optimal in all ways. The new type of material employed during the production of the chair is indeed unique. It is made of chrome or polypropylene base and the best thing about this chair is its compliance with the conservation agenda as up to 97% of the chair is made with a recyclable component.

The chrome material of the chair also gives out a very comfortable feeling making the material used for the chair to be worth it.

Cylinder adjustment

The movement of the chair to fit the entire raising and lowering activity of the chair has to do with the use of the pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder allows the adjustment of the chair to be very much easy, you can quickly raise the height level of the chair to match up with the need at the moment.

Other major parts of the chair like the headrest, back and rest are also in a fully adjustable position and accommodates the needs of an individual, multiple individuals with different needs and adjustment for the Ergohuman high black swivel chair.

Three position tilt-lock

You can enjoy the flex that comes with the backrest of the Ergohuman chair. The chair comes featured with a back adjustment and also a 3-position tilt lock system that sets your chair back rocking right. You have the freedom of selecting a particular lock among the three positions. The chair also has a tension adjustment control that prevents the build-up of tension on the body by regulating the amount of force that acts on the chair when it is in a reclined position or when it stays upright.

  • The chrome material is almost completely recyclable and safe to use in the environment
  • Easy adjustment of all moving parts on the chair
  • It is expensive to purchase

8. Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair – Flexibility and Agility

The Duramont leather chair is fully a high back executive chair. The chair brings about a touch of class in its presentation, it is made of genuine leather and it holds a bulky and increasing acceptance. This is the kind of chairs that gives the professional setting aura of working in the corporate world.

Waterfall seat edge

Do not worry, you do not get to fall off the edge of your seat. The seat of the Duramont chair has a more relaxed setting to it. As the high back chair offers you some back angle to support your positioning, the waterfall seat edge designs also come with a lot of soft padding and act to remove the pressure from your leg while seated. The selling point of this chair is the comfort it gives for long hour usage, you do not have to worry anymore about backache or pressure building at the back of your leg when you are going to be sitting for a long period.

Flexible reclining angle

The versatility of the Duramont reclining leather office chair is not talked about enough, it provides enough comfort when sitting up and also provides the same when in a reclined position. You can easily switch your chair to any comfortable angle of reclination, the chair goes from an upright angle of 90 degrees to a more comfortable angle of 155 degrees. You can set your chair to any of the comfortable reclining angles in between and lock it in to suit your convenience on any day.

In addition to the superb reclination system it has, it has a retractable footrest that can be comfortably used to rest the feet while taking a nap

Solid base and high-end material

The right set of materials are introduced into the production of the high back executive chair. The bonded leather used in making the chair is highly sought and projected to be one of the best around. The quality of the material increases the comfortability of the chair making it more durable and filled with the right set and level of cushioning.

The base of the office chair has a heavy-duty metal base providing strength and stability to the casters made with nylon rolling material. The properties of the caster and material provide a solid base for the chair, and it takes up to a weight of 250 pounds.

  • Quality materials are employed to provide maximum comfort
  • It allows proper reclination and napping time
  • There are reports of early wheel remover

9. Mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair – Comfortable Body Support

This particular brand of office chair has several effects that are all focused on how much comfort can be provided in a chair that will be used for working on the computer for long hours. The comfort provided considered all the body part and each segment of the body in contact with the chair is provided with adequate comfort.

Comfortable cushion effect

One good way of making computer chairs very much comfortable to the users is by making sure that the seating area is completely cushioned in the necessary amount to give value to the users. the cushioning of this chair which is soft and thick is made of memory foam. The memory foam makes the seat stand upright and do not fall or collapse even with long-term usage of sitting on it.

The chair is also made after the waterfall-edge style to provide enough comfort and support to the thigh and buttock area. The waterfall-edge style on seats gives more relaxing hours at the work table or station.

Easy assembly and adjustment

When the chair gets delivered it is done in a disassembled format and requires putting back together. The putting together of the chair comes easy and you do not have to have had any training beforehand. The process of assembly is even made easier by the manufacturer as the chair comes with every needed hardware and piece of tool that will be needed in the process of trying to fix the chair together as one. Information represented as the manufacturer’s guide is also provided. Assembling the parts of the chair does not take time if done right.

The height, headrest, and armrest of this chair are all easily adjustable. You can find the perfect height for your work and the best sitting position with the chair. It also allows you to do the reclination and adjust to the need of the moment.

Excellent body support

Body parts need to be supported always when making use of the computer chair. The common area that is largely supported by the chair is the lumbar area of the body. The ergonomic office chair builds a curve around the human body to perfectly relieve stress on the spine. It also provides high strength and elastic pillow for the lumbar to perfectly support your waist while working.

It has an adjustable headrest as well that throws in large support for the head and neck to get rid of the pressure. The support provided by this chair is not for the lower body part alone, it also takes into consideration the upper portion of the body.

  • It has an improvised pillow and cushioning system
  • It helps to relieve fatigue from the upper part of the body
  • The armrest is not adjustable

10. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair – Ease of Usage

If you are all about the comfort a chair can bring for long working hours, then you should consider the Flash Furniture office chair. This brand of computer chair places you at the centerpiece of control, you have the full adjustability option of the chair to make yourself feel more comfortable according to your preference.

Easily Customizable

There is nothing more pleasing than having the entire control of chair adjustability in your hands. You get to turn it back and forth, left and right according to your preferred sitting position and working condition, this is the kind of feature Flash Furniture offers you.

The height of the chair is one of the chairs is one of the most easily adjustable features of a computer chair, asides the adjustment of height, you also can spin the swivel base to a full 360 degree. The tilt lever can also do the entire push-in, pull-out, lock-in feature to move from an upright position on the chair to a more relaxed one like the reclination position.

Has vast usage

This brand of the chair is with no doubt versatile in its usage and can be used in home offices, at the shared workspace and commercial workstation. The chair is made with commercial-grade material that can be used in different conditions.

Guarantees safety and comfort

The computer chair matches up with standards required for safety and comfort. The mesh material used in the design of the chair grants a well-supported backrest to the user. The mesh material also allows full ventilation and breathability of the chair making it more comfortable for usage. The ventilation also prevents heating as the air makes a double-flow to cool your back and surfaces attached to the chair.

The chair also has a solid base that guarantees your safety when sitting and working and gives a good working condition.

  • Stable footrest and base to reduce pressure on the legs and improve circulation
  • The armrest is padded and can be easily flipped up for convenience
  • It has certain height limitations and might not be tall enough in some cases

11. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – Health Positive chair

The Aeron brand is a common one when it comes to having a chair design carried out effectively. With a lot of experience in the creation of different computer chairs in the past, the formulation of the new Herman Miller Aeron chair offers all the full advantages of the past with a focus on new features to transform how the chairs work and the value offered.

Precise control mechanism

The control and adjustment of the chair are placed at the tip of your fingers and they are easily accessible and create a positive working environment. It comes with an accurate control mechanism; the tilt limiter allows you to determine the range at which your reclination can be set for a more relaxed working position. The reclination can be selected from the basis of 3 different posture range.

The tension control is also a part of the control mechanism and this allows you to adjust the effort needed to get a comfortable recline position. The seat position can also be exchanged to take you from a neutral seat angle to an engaged one.

Adjustable sacral and lumbar support

The Aeron chair comes with an adjustable PostureFit Sacral/Lumbar support. These supports are contained at the back and can be flexed independently of the other to fully adjust to the curve of the spines when you sit on them. The Sacral and Lumbar support plays a major role in the comfort enjoyed from the usage of the chair and contributes to the relief of pressure from the back and legs, enjoyed from the use of the chair.

Easily adjustable arms

The two armrests at the flanks of the chair provide total support for the arms while working for long on the computer chair and prevents arm fatigue. The arms can also be easily adjusted to accommodate changes in the positioning of the arms. The arms can be moved from a height of 6.8” to about a height of 10.8”. The arms can also be flexed forward, backward, inwards and outwards at varying degrees to accommodate the need for flexibility and more rooms.

Health and environmentally conscious

The Aeron chair comes with some important designs that promote good health and posture. Asides from the double independent sacral and lumbar, which gives a lot of support to the back and provides comfort, it also comes with a forward tilt mechanism and a breathable Pellicle suspension.

It has a lot of environmental benefits as well; the brand is made of recycled material reducing the use of new materials that can be toxic to the environment.

  • The chair makes use of accurate measurement for adjustment
  • Promotes better environmental health with the use of recycled materials
  • The base of the chair needs to have more stability on floor surfaces

12. Flash Furniture HERCULES Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest – Best Computer Chair for Big Heavy Person

Another product from Flash Furniture is the Hercules series of computer chairs. This particular series of chairs offer enormous chair samples with executive finishing. The product takes into account the ergonomic design to offer a big as well as an adjustable design for a comfortable working experience

Commercial design

For long-time workers in the offices or those working from home, there is a need to have a chair that prioritizes comfortable posture and support and does not forget the inclusion of professionalism in it. These are some of the many features of the Hercules series of office chairs from Flash Furniture. It is a commercially designed chair that offers an enormous and tall executive chair for use at your computer table and work.

The chair is not only built to look professional or as an executive alone, but it also comes with a lot of adjustable features that sets it apart from other types of the computer chair. The headrest of the chair has a lot of padding and can be easily adjusted, the generous padding extends into the back, seat and armrest of the chair.

The high back design of the executive chair offers adequate lumbar support and a waterfall front edge that reduces the pressure generated in the legs as a result of prolonged sitting.

Well finished design

The primary material of this chair is genuine leather, but with stylish sew-in of the mesh trim. The leather also has polyurethane material for prolonged usage as well as comfort. The back of the chair is contoured as well as the seat and they both have fire retardant foam added to them to enhance the safety of the chair.

The style of the chair shows a big and tall office chair that can be used in a versatile way, either from home or the office workspace. The chair swings rapidly to movement and control adjustment on the chair to set your working environment in order with the right posture and comfort. The base of the chair has a chrome set that can complement the design on your office floor.

Enjoy a whole rein of motion from a full working model to a quick break and final relaxation with easy-to-use levers and control.

  • The seat is padded with foam up to 6 inches
  • It has a very large weight capacity, up to 500 lbs
  • It does not have the lock feature of putting it in a reclined state

13. Steelcase Gesture Chair – Simple and Classic

This is a slightly different type of computer chair as compared to formerly reviewed chairs, the Steelcase Gesture chair although still ergonomic does not possess the tall and gigantic design most other chairs possessed. Rather, it features a simple and comfortable chair that takes less space and still helps you get the job done.

Synchronized movement

The Steelcase chair brings about an innovative piece of technology that is very essential when it comes to keeping comfortable during long hour usage of the computer at home or office workspace. The chair promises a comfortable and secured back support as you work, the seat has a gesture piece of technology that follows and responds to your body movement, more like a sensory technology. The chair support gives your body movement synchronized steps and guarantees the comfort of your back all through the day.

In addition to the synchronization of the chair, it also features the custom design of other types of features like the adjustment of the seat’s depth, the arms that can be flipped about and the height of the chair using the pneumatic adjustment. The chair also has reclination control and it can have access to about 4 different recline positions and can be rocked in various directions in varying degrees.

Tested Durability

The product is built to last for more, the features encourage and promote long-term working with less fatigue. It can withstand constant usage and continue providing maximum support. The chair is certified in terms of its quality by the manufacturer and allows up to 12 years warranty of effective functioning.

The cushioned seat has built-in air pockets that help the body in reducing long-term stress and pressure from the thigh and limbs. The seat is flexible enough to turn around and bend around to ensure that pressure is relieved from the body after a long-term sitting.

  • The chair synchronizes with the body to provide support at every point
  • The chair has a limited weight capacity

14. RESPAWN Racing Style Gaming Chair – Best Computer Chair for Gaming Long Hours

The Respawn rocker is a perfect gaming chair, a comfortable one for most of your gaming activity. You can enjoy your new computer game alone or with a couple of friends in a comfortable seating position and a chair that can take in all the action and movement that takes place when engaging with the visual device.

Comfortable gaming

The gaming world holds in different ways, you can have the conventional gaming devices on computer screens or the newly developed virtual reality gaming effect. No matter what the gaming medium is you need to have a comfortable gaming chair that allows you to enjoy the game maximally without feeling the fatigue of sitting down for long.

The Respawn gaming chair does not have wheels and instead of wheels, it comes with rocking abilities. The rocking provided by the Respawn gaming chair allows you to get more intimate with the action from the game and enjoy the gaming session.

The material of the gaming chair has a lot of features and advantages. It has a segmented head and neck padding with huge lumbar support to protect your back during action time. The armrest can also be flipped off when needed.

Base support

The base of the Respawn rocker gives solid support to the gamer and gives a sturdy rocking according to the motion of the gamer. Despite the lack of wheels, the chair can still swivel around to give you a full 360 degrees. The advantage of this type of chair is the freedom it gives you to place the chair in a gaming room with a limited space option. You can get the best angle for playing games with the swivel ability of the chair.

The chair has a moderate chair width and height, that can cater for differences in the room it is placed in and the player’s preference.

  • The rocking movement of the chair gives a better gaming experience
  • The material is made comfortable for extra protection
  • The seat height is not adjustable

15. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair – Technologically Enhanced Chair

Talk about a digitally enhanced computer chair, then you can be talking about the Nouhaus Ergo3D office chair because it is indeed digitally advanced. It comes with a lot of modern components that make it fit as both a computer chair for carrying out office work or as a gaming chair.

Soft Mesh Office Chair

The Nouhaus ergonomic chair is made with an elastic mesh material that is breathable and allows optimal airflow. The positive effect of mesh material is that it allows proper ventilation that prevents the sticking of body parts to the material after sweating. Even the mesh on the seats is finely arranged and you do not feel like you are sitting on a layer of wire. You do not feel the need that you are staying extra hours on the chair due to the comfort that the chair offers.

Heavy Duty

The technologically engineered chair is supported by a 5-point base that provides more stability for the chair. It also boasts strong aluminum support that makes it a heavy-duty chair ideal for use for different age groups. The chair can accommodate up to 275lb in terms of weight occupancy. The chair is completely stable against different flooring types.

The back tilt can extend up to 135 degrees, the evolution of the Ergo3D chair is really dynamic and straightway ahead into the future. The mesh headrest can allow you to get easily into the work or play mode with the easy adjustment that comes with it, you can also adjust the 4D arms in different directions while reclining to the 3D lumbar support system.

  • The breathable mesh prevents stickiness and sweat by proper ventilating
  • The 4D arm can be moved about in four directions and set to preferred height
  • The seat is more static and cannot slide

16. RESPAWN 900 Racing Style Gaming Chair – Best in Gaming

This is another amazing product from Respawn and a major improvement for the earlier Respawn 800 rocking chair. The Respawn 900 racing-style gaming chair offers a lot of new exciting features that make your gaming moment worth it.

Dual purpose

The Respawn 900 sits pretty with the removable headrest pillow that comes with it and allows the user to have maximum head and neck support, this is segmented away from the rest of the padded surface that runs the entire length of the chair and gives a full gaming experience and perfect reclining system.

The chair comes with its dual usage of serving as a game controller holder and a cupholder all built to the left side of the chair. The chair has a cupholder and a side pouch beside it to hold your game controller while you are having a go at the drinks.

Independent control

The chair runs a seamless design running from the top of the chair and covering the entire length up to the footrest as a continuous surface, yet the chair control and the footrest operate independently to carry out the different functions. The independent control it has gives you full control over the chair and optimizes your gaming experience.

The chair features a weight limit of 275 lb, but you can comfortably have reclination on the chair up to 135 degrees and you can feel secure due to the sturdiness of the base support of the chair making it slip-resistant to different types of floors.

  • Respawn 900 comes with a segmented and removable headrest
  • A comfortable cupholder and game control holder built to the side
  • The height of the chair as well cannot be adjusted

17. Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair– Double Usage

The Noble chair shows its distinction in terms of the material it is made of, the gaming and office chair utilizes the faux leather to have its entire layer covered. It is quite different from other forms of chairs that either make use of genuine leather or mesh or an integration of both materials.

Work and play mode

With the Noblechair Icon chair, you can transition from an official working position to a gaming chair without losing any functionality. In addition to the faux leather used which is extra soft, it still makes use of a large amount of freshly molded foam that brings about more comfort and efficient breathability.

The chair has a capable swivel function as well as a tight grip on the floor to allow you to change positions easily without getting off the chair. The casters at the base give off a smooth run and glide seamlessly across the surface.

Heavy weighted

The chair takes into account the various users of the Noble chair and the varying conditions that the chair might be used in, this is why the chair comes with a convenient weight capacity of 330lbs in addition to the rocking mechanism given by the chair to facilitate the experience of the user.

The reclination degree of the chair is up to the common 135 degrees offered by chairs in the same category. The chair also has a lot of flexibility that permits the armrest to be swung and adjusted about in 4 dimensions.

Excellent material and design

Noble chair icon gaming chair has a simulation close to that of a sports car interior. From the material it is made of to some of the features added to it, it has a lot of similarities to that of a luxury sports car. The wheels that run the chair has approximately 2.4 inches making it suitable for both soft and hard floors and support systems to enhance the neck and lumbar areas of the body.

The chair has a solid steel frame with the impression of creating a strong base for the chair that can handle the pressure of using the chair for both work and gaming effect.

  • A breathable and cold foam upholstery for increased comfort
  • Large adjustability features like the 4D armrest
  • Unique faux leather as a material
  • The seat can be a bit hard to sit on

18. La-Z-Boy Bellamy Bonded Leather Office Chair – Leather and Wood cushioning effect

The Bellamy executive office chair is a pleasant and suitable piece of furniture for your office setting. It comes with the combination of leather and wood finely pieced together to give off an appealing work of design capable enough to be used for long hours at the computer table and fully at work.

Premium cushioning effect

The chair is fondly referred to as the memory foam cushion due to its ergonomic office chair, the executive chair has its body parts layered with the ComfortCore memory foam cushions giving you comfort while at work and every period you are on the chair no matter how long this is. The height of the chair is easily adjustable and can be reclined for a more preferred option.

You can tilt the chair into directions that will optimize its usage and bring about more comfort to the user. The movement of the chair aligns with the body and keeps your body in a relaxed position to be ensured of absolute comfort with the use of the chair.

Wood arm and base

The production of the La-Z Boy Bellamy chair is an executive chair design and in bringing out the true artistic picture of the chair a fine blend of materials was used. The chair is produced as a combination of soft leather upholstery that is finely mixed in design with rich wood arms and base. The complementary effect of the two materials exhibits a show of sophistication.

It is not only about design as both of the materials contributes to the functionality of the chair. The swivel chair makes a remarkable contribution and effect to your workstation. The wood used as a base also adds to the firmness of the chair on the floor and assists in giving a sturdy setup.

  • The wood and leather touch adds aesthetics and functionality to the chair
  • The chair has wide seat and adjustable height to suit preference
  • It does not have a locking control

19. GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest and Speakers – Best for audio and visual effect

If you are a good gamer that spends long hours at the game table, then this gaming chair is recommended for you. The GTRACING revolutionizes the gaming world with the multi-versatile nature it brings on board. It makes gaming more fun with the enhanced visual and audio effects it gives off.

A gaming and music chair

Long gone are the days of having the side of your game coming from the stereo far away from your seat. You can now have more interactive feedback with your game from the sound closer to your ears. The soundbox is built with Bluetooth speakers installed on the top edges of the chairs. It gives off a distinct and clear audio sound, it can be connected to smartphones, or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

You can have music coming off from the installed chair or movie soundtrack playing there to give you a thrilling cinema feel right there in your home.


The GTRACING gaming chair is built off the premise of multifunctionality. You can get to do a lot from the same spot on your chair, you can have your favorite tune coming off from the music box while reclining on the chair with an adjusted footrest. The chair gives a comfortable reclination up to 170 degrees and can be rotated with a 360-degree swivel.

  • An inbuilt music box connected to the Bluetooth
  • A great reclining degree and angle
  • The seats are thickly padded
  • The chair does not rock, it only serves as a recliner
  • The speaker does not have any control button on the chair

Buyer’s Guide

Good computer chairs are always recommended for people who work long hours in front of a computer. Getting a good computer chair helps to prevent backache and increase productivity.

Computer chairs

Computer chairs are considered as improvised innovations as a result of the booming technology. The advancement of technology in the production of computers that have been generally accepted as a working tool universally has equally increased the demand for good working chairs. Using a computer for long hours can bring about postural damage and pains that can cut off your productivity time.

Some chairs have been delicately built and constructed with the human anatomy in mind to help reduce the strain and pressure that occurs on the body as a result of long hours of sitting down to work on a computer. Ether you are working from home or at the office, you should consider investing in one and for large workspaces, a good computer chair should be made available for all employees there.

Computer chairs that are best for use are commonly referred to as ergonomic; representing the science or art of designing equipment, and in this case a computer chair, that will reduce fatigue, discomfort or injury. This is the principle most comfortable chairs apply during production; a comfortable computer chair should be able to wrap around the spine of the user and provide sufficient support to relieve them of any ache or pressure that might accumulate as a result of working for long hours.

Computer chairs or gaming chairs

chair It is common to hear the term computer chairs and gaming chairs around. Although they might have slight distinction they are commonly used interchangeably. Computer chairs and gaming chairs refer to the same thing in common terms despite the little variation between both.

Computer chairs are more specific to chairs that are used strictly for computer activities like office work, surfing the net or any other task carried out on the computer. Where the mix comes in often time is the reality that there are also computer games and playing such games on a computer qualifies the chair as a gaming chair. There are chairs designated for both computer tasks and gaming, while there are also chairs specifically made computer and gaming differently.

Gaming chairs

The world of gaming has also been polarized with many individuals who involved in the entertainment world of gaming. Gaming is carried out on different types of devices including the computer, the games usually involve the use of control pads, joysticks or other controlling devices. It can also be games linked to virtual reality and require the use of virtual 3D glass for maximal effect and enjoyment.

Whichever medium the gaming takes, it still requires the gamer to sit and sitting for long hours without the support of good chairs can equally hurt the back. Chairs loosely referred to as computer chairs can do the trick as well and, in most cases, there are also specialized chairs regarded and optimized to fully function as a gaming chair.

To clear the confusion, if you want to go for a chair that is strictly for computers, there are a lot of such brands. Likewise, if you want a gaming chair for gaming there are fully optimized chairs for that, and if you aim to get a versatile chair for both office work and gaming, you should go for that as well.

Types of computer chairs?

There are various manufacturers and brands involved in the production of computer chairs. There are also differences among the chairs apart from the manufacturer, the difference includes changes in functionalities or material used in the production of the chairs. The common types of computer chairs based off on aerial designs include the following:

Fabric Upholstery

Depending on what your taste is like, you might find comfort in a computer chair whose major material is made up of clothing or textile materials. The fabric upholstery gives a comfortable feel and it is soft to touch and sit on. The fabric material also supplies adequate support to the back of the user. One of the cons of the fabric upholstery is the factor of quick staining and accumulation of dirt

Genuine Leather Upholstery

leather-chair Under the leather category, we have both genuine leather and faux leather. Although both types are used, genuine leather is more commonly used in the production of computer chairs. Computer chairs made out of genuine leather offers a lot of bulkiness which supports the entire back of the computer user.

Faux leather and vinyl

Faux leather and vinyl are made of similar materials and they are both simple and easy to clean. This type of material as well gives off a sleeky design to the production of the computer chair bringing out the elegance of the chair and the fine touch of finishing. They are materials that can be easily cleaned and stains can be wiped off them more easily.

Mesh chair

The mesh chair is arguably the commonly used material for computer chairs, it is even more popular among gaming chairs. The materials are easier to use and at the same time bring out some of the finest designs off chairs produced using the mesh material. As beautiful as the mesh-designed chairs look like they can get damaged easily due to the delicate nature of the material, they need to be handled with extra care.

Combined designs

As a means of fashion and more functionalities, it is possible to combine two different materials for the design of one computer chair. The common example of combined design is usually between the fabric upholstery and the mesh material.

Common parts of a computer chair

Even with different types of computer chairs available, there are still similarities in their construction and main functions. Asides from the extra functionalities added to a computer chair that increases the parts, the main parts of a computer chair include:


The headrest/neck rest is located at the very top of the chair, this is the part where the head and neck leans on when seated on the chair, either when seated upright or in a reclined position. This part is as important as every other part of the chair, it protects and holds the head and neck in place to prevent neckache from overstretching or sitting for a long time. Some types of computer chairs add an extra padded pillow for extra support.


This is usually the long part of the chair and usually the broadest part as well. This is where the back leans on when lying down or sitting upright on the chair. The importance of this part cannot be overemphasized as the major complaint of long-time users of computers is backache. The backrest supports your back throughout the usage of the computer. Some computer chairs make use of the lumbar technology that has a specialized way of creating the chair to wrap around the lumbar area and maintain a good sitting posture.


This is the part that supports the whole base of the body. The seat has to be made very comfortable for the user, especially if you will be working with the computer for long hours. The common technique used in the manufacture of computer chairs seat is the waterfall edge technology. The seat is slightly shaped like a waterfall closing at the end with the downward slope, this technique not only provides adequate support for the buttocks, it also relieves the thighs of pressure and makes them have better blood circulation while working.

Lift mechanism/Control levers

Computer chairs often offer adjustment to the height and this is done by the aid of the lift mechanism and the control lever. The lift mechanism involves the use of a metallic cylinder that contains gas and assists in the moving up and down of the entire chair to adjust the height according to your preference. The control lever which is usually under the seat helps in increasing or reducing this height. An effective lift mechanism and control lever are important in any comfortable computer chair.

The control lever is not only used in adjusting height, it can also be used to set the chair into reclination position to the extent of the degree permitted or recommended by the chair.

Wheels/Base support

chair-wheels All computer chairs have base support for the entire weight of the chair and to properly attach the chair firmly to the floor. The chairs can be set on a non-wheel base and some as a wheelbase. The wheelbase is more common and the wheels are referred to as casters; indicating the wheeled assembly of the chair at the base to facilitate rolling.

The casters assist in the mobility of the chair and make it easy to maneuver the chair around the workspace. It is recommended that the casters are made of solid and quality materials to improve the stability of the chair against different types of floor surfaces.


The footrest does not always come along with all forms of computer chairs, but when present they add more comfort to the use of the chair. They can be used to relax the legs during break or nap time. The chair is usually set in a reclined position when the footrest is used and for better access.

What is the best computer chair to buy?

There are hundreds of computer chairs out there if not more, deciding on which one is the best to go for is by no means an easy task. The best place to start from is considering what your aim or intended purpose of the chair will be, this type of decision can help you narrow down the choice of your chair and which one to go for.

The chairs are also sold in different categories which also affects the cost, you can have a budget for the purchase of your computer chair. Considering the different types of computer chairs available under your budget range is another way of streamlining what type of computer chair to purchase according to affordability.

Another consideration, and perhaps the smartest to go for if there is no restriction of the budget is to consider the features of the chairs themselves and see which ones agree with your taste and preference. The chairs have individualized features according to the design of the manufactures and this can shape the decision of which one is the best computer chair for you.

Features to consider when buying a computer chair

You have to look at some common features of a computer chair before going for one, and they can help you make decisions.

Weight Capacity

Computer chairs come with the maximum weight that they can carry, it is usually indicated on the chair. There is a need to pay attention to the stated size as the chair can collapse if the weight limit is exceeded. To avoid accidents, injury or breaking the chair, it is important to buy a chair that is clearly above your weight and can support your weight or users of the chair. The weight capacity should be a non-negotiable criterion when deciding on which chair to buy.

Back Support

The backrest is especially important, the back of a long-time computer user needs to be protected. Sitting with bad posture or on uncomfortable chairs for a long tie can cause irreparable damages to the spine. The computer chair showcases long support for the back and preserves the spine. New technology has adopted the use of lumbar support when making comfortable computer chairs.

The lumbar support features a curve in the backrest that allows the chair to fit the natural curve of your body and protects the spine by aligning them with a good sitting posture. There are specialized chairs with back support for people with different medical conditions. For example, people living with scoliosis; abnormal lateral curvature of the spine need chairs that will support their back better.

Arms rest

Not only the back and neck need a place to stay on the chair, but the arms also should be considered when deciding on which chair to go for. Some computer chairs come with an armrest while some do not. The arms of computer users when they are not busy punching buttons or clanking at the keyboard, should be placed in a restful position like the armrest.

A good computer chair that has an armrest should also have a good control mechanism that allows the height of the armrest to be adjusted as the positioning of the arm on the armrest matters as well. Modern computer chairs come with 4D armrests that can be moved in four different dimensions, and they can be folded out of the way if not needed.

Adjustable controls

The comfort of using a comfortable computer chair is the ability to move it and adjust it till you find your spot or height that best suits your body type. This is usually the case for single-owned chairs, but in the case of an office-owned chair whereby there might not be a permanent user of the chair and people with different body types. The overall goal is to purchase a chair that has many and easy adjustability options, and the adjustment should go beyond heights alone, the chair should be able to adjust reclination angles and how the armrest can be moved.


Who said you cannot carry out some light forms of exercise while sitting down? It will be a lovely form of relaxation to do a little bit of twisting here and there while still seated on your comfortable chair. To enhance the carrying out of body movement on the chair, the chair needs to have tilting ability. The chair should have a tilt tension adjustability. This will allow you to maximize the use o the chair to stretch yourself.


The material a chair is made of also determines if it will be suitable for you or match your preference. The common types of chair materials have been given earlier, understanding them and weighing the pros and cons helps to decide on what is best for you and the work environment. The cleaning practices of the different chair materials are also an important aspect to pay attention to when selecting a computer chair.


A good computer chair will allow the chair to swivel for up 360 degrees as well as the wheels. The wheels of the chair should be able to move freely without any form of obstruction, the moving around of the chair allows you to maximize your workspace and get to reach things faster. Sometimes, the wheels of a chair might not be compatible with the floor of your workstation and workspace, it is best to go for the chairs that have compatible wheels with your floor type.


The whole idea of getting a computer chair to support yourself during long hours of work in comfort. Your computer chair needs to be certainly comfortable, if not it is not worth going for. The comfort of the chair begins from the seat, it has to be made of comfortable materials, preferably padded with enough thick foams that will cushion your sitting position on the chair. The armrest, backrest, headrest and even the footrest.

Some chairs have extra functionalities or accessories, like chairs that have massage facilities. This gives the chair extra comfort, although this type of additional feature comes with a price increase, if they are affordable to you then go for it.


Your workspace also determines what type of chair you would be getting, you do not want a chair that cannot be fitted into your workplace or one that makes your place suddenly crowded due to its enormous size. You can always check out the specification of size before ordering a chair of any size. You can also physically access the chair if you are buying in person.


Computer chairs come up in different shapes and designs. Apart from the functional effects expected of chairs like adjustability, comforts and motion abilities, they should also be able to add color, spice and elegance to your workplace. The styling and design of the chair will typically depend on you since there are different types of design out there, from the fully clothed and leathered executive chair to the more sleeky mesh designed comfortable chair.

Your atmosphere design also decides which computer chair will complement the entire design. You should be able to make a mental note of how the chair will look like at your desk and if the features fit the entire set-up or something needs to be changed. In addition to all of these the color of the chair also matters, there are silent or neutral-colored chairs and there are equally brightly colored chairs as well. The choice will depend on your style.


It is recommended to have a budget before going to shop for a computer chair. The chairs come with a price band and this should guide you to have a band or category of computer chair to search for. There are also good products with awesome features among the low to the middle price tag that can still be of good use to you and keep you comfortable all through the period of usage.

How to assemble a computer chair?

Are you planning to buy your computer chair soon or have you already placed an order? Are you expecting your chair to be delivered to you completely assembled? If your answer is yes, then you are probably wrong about that. The computer chair is picked in bits and pieces from the store, this is done to reduce the size the chair will take and also to make the packaging smoother.

When you get your package, it will need to be set up to have your full chair. The process of setting up a computer chair is not difficult, there is usually a step-by-step guide in the packaged product and it will help set up the chair. There are general steps to follow when setting up a computer chair.

Inspect your packaging

Carefully unpack your box and inspect the content, the point of checking is to confirm that you got the exact product and all the parts are complete without any defect. You can proceed if there is no visible damage.

Arrange the chair in sections

To get the chair set up in a faster time, it is advised to set up the parts of the chair into different sections. When the parts are separated into sections, it is easy to pick up the next part to attach.

Fixing the parts

The caster and the wheelbase form the foundation for the chair and the part that gives support to the entire chair, so you should start from there. Insert the casters into the wheelbase, some of them might fit in just like that while some different models might require you to screw.

Put the gas cylinder and the sleeve pneumatic-lift model over the wheelbase, follow this closely by attaching the seat and pushing down to engage. Attach the chair to the seat by putting the neck of the chair into the seat sleeve before fastening it. Finally, attach the armrest if provided to the setup and there you have your final chair standing upright.

Some of the parts that require fastening make use of screws or bolts and nuts to keep them well-fastened and joined together.

Cleaning a computer chair

cleaning-chair Computer chairs just like every other piece of furniture you have need to clean and maintained. If you are working from home you might have far more responsibility of cleaning the chair yourself compared to people at the office that often have a designated person for cleaning the chairs. You can make cleaning of chairs easy for yourself and you can also make it increasingly difficult at the same time. Stains are best cleaned off as soon as they are formed, they should not be allowed to accumulate.

Taking out spills and stains

These are the major mishaps that occur with the computer chair, if you have your snack there or take water and any other form of liquid you might have one or two spills that need to be taken care of as soon as they are noticed.

Get rid of easy and obvious dirt

Dirt that can be easily spotted and removed should be done as soon as possible; you can make use of a soft cloth to get rid of the dirt. Removing dirt from a computer chair is tricky due to the material it is made of; some materials can get damaged in the attempt of rubbing the cloth at the surface. For extremely delicate material like mesh chairs, you can make use of the vacuum to get rid of dirt. For the chairs you have used cloth on, you can use the vacuum to get rid of the smaller bits of dirt left on them.

For liquid

You cannot apply the same technique for the removal of liquid due to the difference in substance. To remove a liquid stain, you need to use a wet cloth to blot out liquids, if it is a large spill, it might require you to keep wringing out the water till you completely get rid of the spill.

General cleaning

You might need to carry out routine cleaning of your computer chairs. These types of cleanings are more thorough than the ones done when a stain or spill is noticed. For this cleaning exercise, you might need to make use of a commercial cleaner or you can create a solution using liquid detergent and water. The upholstery needs to be wiped clean with a dampened cloth filled with the solution, the surface should be wiped gently to avoid damage.

The wheels need to be cleaned as well by scraping off the dirt that might have clung onto the wheels, entanglement affecting the easy movement of the wheels should be removed as well using convenient tools that will not damage the wheels.

It is expected that due to long-term usage the chair is likely to develop an odor especially if it not a breathable one like the mesh material. To prevent a terrible stench in your workstation, you should air-dry your chair outdoors or close to a well-ventilated window. You can add baking soda or vinegar for more effectiveness.

Maintaining your computer chair

Apart from cleaning, which is also a form of maintenance, you might need to pay closer attention to your chairs once in a while. It is normal for the chairs to act a bit out of line after a while, this is the point of a routine check of the parts of the chair. Routine checks help you discover quickly if there is a problem with your chair or anything indicative of a problem.

Fixing squeaky sounds

luibricating-chair This is one of the most common indicative signs of a problem with your computer chair and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  To fix the squeaky sound the first thing to do is to identify the source of the sound, when the source is located the likely cause is a lack of lubrication or a loosen screw.

For lubrication, make use of a recommended oil for your chair, oil the moving part until the sound is heard no more. You might need to lubricate more than one part if the source of sound is coming from one part of the chair.

Fixing loosen screws and bolts

As a result of constant swiveling or moving about of the hair with the wheels might come off a bit lose. Inspect the body of the chair thoroughly to see if any screw or bolt is loose. If any of them come off loose, you might need to tighten the screw making use of a screwdriver. For bolts and nuts, it can be kept in place using a wrench. Sometimes any of these parts (screws, nuts and bolts) might be a bit rusty and need to be lubricated. If the rust is extensive, you should consider replacing such part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming chairs good for long hours?

Games could be very addictive, if you start out playing a game, you might originally plan out a short time to play the game but over time you end spending more than you bargained for at the game stand. Spending long hours seated in front of a game is almost equal to sitting in front of the computer as well and in both cases, it is always advised to invest in getting a good chair. There are specialized gaming chairs that are created solely to spend long hours playing games.

A good gaming chair should be able to support your body while seated, it should make sure that your spine is properly aligned and you do not suffer from ache while seated for long hours. Gaming chairs are conveniently well-padded and they have an extra cushion with them to make sure that the chair is comfortable enough for the user all through the duration of the game. The chairs are worth going for if you will be spending long hours playing a game.

Gaming chairs, apart from the comfort of the back and spine that they support, are also made to add extra effect to the game. They can get so interactive with the user and allow the gamer to enjoy every part of the game. Some of the chairs are rockers that synchronize with the body of the player, an example of chairs with a built-in music system also exists providing close interactive sound with the gamer.

Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

This happens to come out a lot if there is any difference between the computer chairs and gaming chairs. While it is common for people to use them interchangeably or refer to the same thing when using the two terms, it should be noted that they are professionally different from each other. There are specialized office chairs meant for having office work, while gaming chairs specially made for gaming are also available. Understanding this distinction will help you understand which type of chair you should go for, although there are chairs that serve a dual purpose as an office chair and gaming chair.

Since both chairs have their different features and attributes, it is necessary to buy the chair you need for the purpose you want it for. The office chairs are usually equipped with enough skills just to be able to carry out the office work and also relax while at it. Gaming chairs on the other hand are essentially made to serve a lot of function which ultimately is to make you enjoy the best out of the gaming hours and protect your body while playing the game. Gaming chairs come with a lot of accessories than what is needed for an office chair.

It is okay to conclude that gaming chairs have far more features than office chairs as they are dedicated ergonomic chairs made to take care of people’s need and in this case the gamers need a comfortable chair while spending long hours with the game.

Is a full mesh chair good?

Both computer chairs and gaming chairs are made out of different materials. The common examples of materials used in making these chairs include Genuine leather, Faux leather or vinyl, fabric, mesh etc. They are used to create different designs and the choice of a chair usually depends on the style of the user or the preference. The mesh chair which is an example of material used in the production of chairs has similarities with a net, it has a lot of pores on the body of the chair. The mesh-made chairs give off a sleek, elegant, and creative design of chairs that are suitable for use either as an office chair or a gaming chair.

The advantage of using a mesh chair is the breathability that comes with it. The pores allow the chair to be breathable, increasing the ventilation of the chair. The increased airflow around the chair prevents stickiness on the chair especially from sweat and also reduces the retention of odor. The mesh chairs allow your back and other sitting are to be comfortable and at the same time allow air to flow in around the chair.

As beautiful as the mesh chair is and it is comfortable for usage, it also requires extreme care while using it. Other forms of materials can offer larger resistance against damage, but the mesh chair is very delicate. You should avoid rubbing on the surface or having sharp objects on the surface, the material can easily get frayed from rubbing and if it is caught up with a sharp object it can lead to a torn material.

How should you sit in a computer chair?

Having a proper posture cannot be overemphasized either while standing, walking or sitting. Poor posture can bring about severe damage to body parts and lead to a lot of pain if allowed to continue for a long time. In extreme cases, prolonged poor posturing of the body can lead to deformation or redundancy of some body parts. To achieve a good sitting position while at a computer chair is one of the many reasons why comfortable computer chairs are made in the first place.

You should sit comfortably when positioned in a computer chair. The chairs have adjustable features that enhance positioning yourself properly on the chair. The first thing to ensure when sitting on a computer chair is to ensure that the height is set to one that fits you and matches up with the working position from your desk. The height should ensure that the upper part of your legs is fully rested against the seat of the chair and the lower part should keep an angle at the knees of about 90 degrees, and your feet should do the same thing. The back should rest completely on the back seat and be wrapped up with the backseat.

Most computer chairs are manufactured with the aid of lumbar technology that works in making sure that your back is well-rested and protected, and also keeps your spine well aligned to the surface of the chair. The arms as well should be held as comfortably as possible when seated in the chair, you should not strain your hand while using the keyboard, rather it should be kept straight. The shoulder is meant to be kept upright and relaxed, the neck should also be positioned at an angle that corresponds with the neck rest of the chair.

Is a good office chair worth it?

Getting a good office chair is totally worth it!!! If you will be spending long hours at the office, or with the computer you should consider getting a good and quality computer chair. Employers should always consider providing a comfortable working chair for their employees as this will increase productivity and at the same time strengthen the health of the workers by having proper posturing. We are now at the crossroad of more remote work and a lot of people working from home if this is the case with you and you e=will be working for long hours with a computer you should also invest in getting a good computer chair.

There are several factors you should consider while going for a computer chair. The price of the computer chair is commonly the most considered factor before getting a chair. The cost of a chair is without a doubt slightly expensive although there are relatively cheaper options, the best forms of chairs are usually sold at a higher price. You consider which one has the best features and meets up with your budget. The overall health benefit that comes with having a good computer chair outweighs the cost of purchasing it, and if you do not invest in it, the aftermath can be more detrimental.

Another important consideration for getting a computer chair aside from the cost is if the chair has the needed design and comfort for you. A good computer chair should come with lumbar support that keeps your back protected always.

Do I need a high back-office chair?

There is so much information offered to people who want to purchase an office chair. The information given is always about the ergonomics of a computer chair, about the support, design, adjustability etc. These form the common criteria people use in making decisions about what computer chair is best for them as well as what best price range to go for when buying a computer chair. But an often-neglected criterion that is not usually considered is if a low back, mid-back or high back chair is the best for you.

People are built with different physical features and body frame and this demand what type of chair is suitable for them, especially if they will be working long hours. The low back chairs have a considerably reduced backrest option which in most cases only reaches the middle of the back, it provides support majorly to the lower back and mid-back. The mid-back chair is next in line to the low-back one, and this provides more backrest and supports the spine even further. The high back chairs offer the largest backrest to the users and provide extended support.

High back chairs are also referred to as executive chairs and they have big backrests that provide support from the lower back to the upper back. They also include a neck and headrest, and usually with more adjustable features. The high back chair has a wide range of exciting features, but might not be the best option for you. You should check out which of these chairs aligns better with your back and provides you with more support.

Is a stool better than a chair?

A stool is normally a single piece of furniture either wooden or otherwise, it features only a seat and does not have arms or back support. The stool has varying design and can be easily used for work or tasks that require short seating time or they the task that is to be completed is closer to the ground. Seating for long hours on the stool is not recommended as it lacks a backrest and proper support system. The chair features base support, a backrest and an armrest as compared to the stool.

If you will be working for long with a computer or even working with a computer at all, you should be using a proper computer chair for your work. A stool will be too low to carry out your work on a computer, if it is used for a long time it can result in backache and very uncomfortable situations. A computer chair is always recommended for working and it should have a lot of adjustability options and be comfortable for your use and relaxation.

Asides from the functionality that comes with a good computer chair, you cannot use the stool in all circumstances and places. For instance, a stool in an official work placing denotes unprofessionalism and might be a turn-off for clients or customers. A workplace is expected to display full professionalism and official status, this can also be depicted with the use of a computer chair as it gives the room an official look and feel.

Which is better mesh or leather chair?

The material in which a chair is made helps to make the chair more attractive or better in design. The material used can also in a way affect the functionality of the chair bringing out more functions. The chair’s comfort is also linked with the material with which it is built. The leather chair has more chance of being padded and made comfortable for usage, the mesh chair can also have foams to offer better sitting posture and being comfortable while at it. Another thing that differentiates between these two is the cleaning practices involved with them.

The mesh chair is a common design material for gaming chairs, although it is also used for making computer chairs. The mesh chair is easily opted for due to its lightweight and increased function. The chair has pores all around it that ensure that the chair is breathable and be conducive for people working long term on the computer. If you dislike having stickiness around or sweat clinging to the backrest of your chair, you should consider going for a mesh chair instead. The mesh chair also has lumbar support for the alignment of your back and spine.

Leather chairs are usually the type associated with executive chairs and are popular for their plushness and full nature. They have a well-padded surface that guarantees your protection while at work by keeping your spine aligned and maintaining an upright posture. The choice of which material to go for should decide based on your taste and preference.

What makes a good chair?

Various qualities qualify a chair as a good chair or not. In general terms, a good chair should meet all of your criteria in terms of comfort. A good chair should keep you comfortable while working for long hours, it should be able to be adjusted and maneuvered to different angles. A typical computer chair should be able to have its height adjusted for different situations and users. The height should be tall enough to reach your working desk and keep an upright shoulder while working.

Apart from adjusting height, there are some other functions in a chair that makes it more accessible and inclusive of all. One such feature is the reclination ability of a chair, after sitting for a long time at work, you might want to relax a bit without getting off the chair. The reclination ability of the chair allows you to put the chair in a more relaxed position, which can also be complemented with the use of a footrest. Different chairs have the extent of reclination angles, all of these are to ensure that the chair is kept comfortable for you to work.

Should an office chair have arms?

Not all office chairs have an armrest present. The armrest is added to a chair for more or improved functionality of the chair. The presence of an armrest gives the arm a designated place for relaxation and assist in reducing fatigue of the hands and fingers especially after typing for long hours on the computer. If you are the type of person that enjoys relaxing your arms, then you should consider going for a chair that has an armrest.

The beauty of having an armrest attached to a chair is the ability to adjust it. Not only the central height of the chair needs to be adjusted, but the armrest can also be adjusted. The armrest should be placed at a height that is comfortable for the user and also most soothing for resting positions.

Some arms of a chair come with the 4D effect, the 4D effect indicates the flexibility of adjustment of the arm of the chair. It can be moved upward, downward, inward and outward. The flexibility of the arm makes it easier for many uses and convenience. The arm should also be foldable and can be moved out of the way when not needed.

How often should an office chair be replaced?

Office chair costs quite a lot, but despite their cost, there are very important and cannot be discarded in the workplace. It gives the office the expected serenity and official look it deserves. As costly as the office chair might be, it is a worthwhile investment for your office and the employees, and if you are working from home, it is a great investment for yourself and your health.

Office chairs are expected to last for a long time to justify the value of the money spent on them. A typical office chair is expected to last between five to ten years, this should be a reasonable time to spend before the chair is replaced. Several factors determine how long a chair will last including how it is being used. The material and manufacturer of a chair also play a role in the longevity of the chair.

For a chair to last long there is a need for proper maintenance while it is being used. Carry out routine checks on the chair and inspect the working condition of the chair. Some parts can require lubrication or need the screw to be retightened. Constant maintenance practice is needed to keep the chair in a good state and make it last longer.

Should you spend a lot of money on an office chair?

An office chair is a big investment in your productive and creative life. While the initial capital might seem to be a lot, the benefit from using a comfortable office chair is endless and makes you carry out more quality work. A comfortable chair can increase the length of time you spend working since you are totally comfortable while working.

The cost of an office chair varies, but if you be getting a good chair, you would likely be spending up to hundreds of dollars. There are also various categories for these chairs, the choice of which chair to purchase should be a determinant of your budget and the features the chair can offer. There are low-budget chairs with a relatively smaller cost, but there is no doubt that the best chairs with high-end specifications are in the costlier categories.

Depending on what you can afford or what your plan is, a comfortable office chair with all the required features is worth going for. The cost of getting a good computer chair is far less than the cost of trying to manage a terrible backache that resulted from making use of bad chairs.


If you are a gamer or a long-hour worker on the computer, you do need a comfortable chair for your time at work. Staying up at the computer table for long hours without having a good support system for your back and neck, you will soon be dealing with an ache or postural damage.

If you go through our list of best computer chairs for long hours, we have provided updated information for users and we are sure you will find something you are looking for and will be comfortable for you.